Exploring Cooperation, Indosat Oordoo Hutchison Visits GGF

Exploring Cooperation, Indosat Oordoo Hutchison Visits GGF

Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison (IOH) management team is exploring cooperation with Great Giant Foods (GGF) Lampung. The Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison team meeting was led by SVP – Head of B2B Regional Enterprise Account Sonata Suratman.

Other IOH teams were also present, namely West Regional Vice President Mora Iskandar Siregar, Vice President of Product and Marketing Yudi Hadi Wibowo and staff.

The IOH group was received by Lampung Corporate Affairs Subdiv Head Hendri Tanujaya, IT Manager Sunaryo and the Corporate Communication team at the GGF Training Center Building, Wednesday (5/4/23).

On the occasion, Hendri Tanujaya, briefly told the journey of establishing a pineapple canning company which is currently the company with the largest integrated garden and factory in the world, to develop in other businesses such as cattle fattening, and bromelain enzyme to the IOH management team.
“The cattle fattening business exists because it is a solution to solving the problem of pineapple skin waste, which is not small. Pineapple production can be up to 3,000 tons per,” Hendri said.

Accompanied by Sunaryo, Hendri also discussed about current technological advances, which almost all companies use technology network facilities. The agricultural digitalization program has also been partially implemented in plantation businesses. The use of advanced drone technology also helps researchers in the company to conduct studies and monitoring plant care in the garden.

Meanwhile, Sonata Suratman, conveyed that technological advances must not only be followed, but also need to be anticipated. This is what the company currently needs. Anticipate technological advances by designing the future technologies needed.

Sonata also conveyed several program collaboration plans between IOH and GGF considering the importance of technology capabilities for companies to face digital transformation.

“Digital manufacturing is booming in an era where getting more done in less time, resulting in innovative solutions to increase productivity and efficiency,” Sonata said.

He added, this new building has workspace and meeting room facilities that are much better than the previous office which was no longer feasible. In addition to noisy engine noise and risky because it is located and becomes one with the production area.