GGF Donates Hometown Milk at PAUD Mamamia Activities

GGF Donates Hometown Milk at PAUD Mamamia Activities

Great Giant Foods (GGF), through its business PT Great Giant Livestock (PT GGL), Terbanggibesar, Central Lampung, donated Hometown fresh milk assistance to 500 early childhood children at the PAUD Mamamia activity at the 2-Year Reflection of the leadership of the Regent of Central Lampung (Lamteng), Wednesday (1/3).

Mother of Paud Lamteng Mardiana Musa Ahmad attended and officially opened the Gema Mamamia event (movement with mother and child) with the mother of PAUD Lampung Tengah in the context of coloring PAUD in Central Lampung Regency which took place at the Regional Secretary Office House of Central Lampung Regency.

Present at the event, among others, Lamteng Education and Culture Office Dwi Sanzaya, Forkompincam and Bunda Paud Kampung se-Lamteng. Mother of Lamteng Paud Mardiana Musa Ahmad in her speech conveyed that the Golden Age of Early Childhood (Golden Age) is said to be a “golden period” because children experience very rapid brain growth.

Therefore, according to him, parents must pay attention to nutritious food intake for children, stimulate child development with interesting and fun activities so that the entire process of growth and development of children is fulfilled optimally.

“The right of children at that age is time to play so just let them play because by playing the stimulus will develop but parents can direct children to play in positive things, invite children to develop touch, taste, sight and movement,” said Mardiana.

Furthermore, Mardiana Musa Ahmad said that PAUD Mamamia Gebyar is an activity that can stimulate the growth and development of all aspects of child development. “Let’s use this activity as a place to train children’s courage, independence, confidence, and creativity.

“At the same time, in a series of activities for the Reflection on the Two Years of Leadership of Musa Ahmad – Ardito Wijaya which was centered on the Tutaran Kopiah Mas Gunung Sugih Square, a healthy walk was also held and awards were handed over to outstanding official agencies.

“This period of two years is not enough to satisfy all the expectations of the community, but rest assured the Regional Government and all existing ranks never leave a minute of thinking about how to realize the best for the community and for Central Lampung,” said Musa.
Hopefully in the future the local government can realize a successful and prosperous Central Lampung community, said Musa Ahmad.