GGF Holds Webinar “Millennial Eating Decisions”

GGF Holds Webinar “Millennial Eating Decisions”

Terbanggi Besar 12 November 2020, Great Giant Foods (GGF) in collaboration with SNV Netherlands Development Organization held a webinar with the theme Millennial Eating Decisions on Thursday, 12 November 2020 online. Health issues that occur in Indonesia are not only the problem of malnutrition (under) but also over-nutrition (over). This activity was filled by three speakers, namely Dr.dr. Lucy Widasari, M.Si as Management of PERGIZI PANGAN Indonesia and Board Member of Millennials Voice Indonesia, Stella Alinneshia S.Tp, M.Sc as Food Security Coordinator at Millennials Voice Indonesia, and Luthfiany Azwawie as Head of Group Product Management and Marketing Department PT Sewu Segar Nusantara. This activity was guided by moderator Indra Ardiyanto as Head of Integration and Communications of Great Giant Foods.

Over time, the community changes to adapt to environmental conditions. Like today, the COVID-19 pandemic is hitting and making people have to do activities indoors. That way, people’s lifestyles also change, and physical activity is reduced causing obesity problems. Uncertain working hours also make people consume more ready-to-eat food. Apart from obesity, malnutrition also occurs today because the majority of millennials marry and get pregnant at a young age. That way, being physically, mentally, and financially unprepared will result in the birth of children with minimal weight. The food consumed should be by the needs, and the needs of each individual are different.

Dr.dr. Lucy Widasari, M.Si said, “We cannot equalize each individual in consuming something. All the food that we should consume based on our own needs which are considered from the activities and diseases we have ”. “We may not have a bad diet when we are young, but we unconsciously accumulate disease in old age. Food that is beautiful in appearance is not necessarily good for the body, ”said Lucy.

Meanwhile, Stella Alinneshia S.Tp, M.Sc said, “In choosing the right food for the body, you should pay attention to food value and two factors in it, namely safety factor and quality factor. But the majority of millennials don’t pay attention to this. For most millennials, eating is an experience that must be immortalized, a place for social interaction, must be outside the home, and must be instagramable ”. “These perceptions shape the unhealthy lifestyle of millennials because this makes important factors in choosing food often overlooked. Eating is an activity that is needed by the body, maintaining health, and getting nutrients. In choosing the food we will consume, we must also pay attention to the balance of nutrients, diverse sources, eat according to the portions needed, and safety. “When eating, we need to pay attention to food sources, pay attention to quality, pay attention to safety, and pay attention to portions.” said Stella.

In choosing food, every individual knows what is needed for himself but sometimes forgets that eating is an activity that aims to continue life. Apart from paying attention to the source and nutrition of the food consumed, it is also necessary to pay attention to food safety. The process of food being made will affect the quality and nutritional content in it. Every individual needs to consume vegetables, fruit, protein, and carbohydrates by the portion, not excessive or deficient. It is necessary to instill in ourselves that the food we consume will have an impact on us in the future.

“Health is our main asset as the next generation, so we must be wise with what we consume. Not just for now, but for our future. Eating healthy and right is a cool thing, we can be agents of change. If reminding others is difficult, let’s start with yourself” concluded Luthfiany.

The efforts made by GGF in paying attention to public health are the existence of a community empowerment program called Great Indonesia (GI), the GI Program focuses on malnutrition issues that occur in Indonesia, including stunting, obesity, and malnutrition. Some of the activities that are the main focus are: Fulfilling children’s nutrition with healthy breakfast, educational platforms for mothers about nutrition, and planting in the yard as a fulfillment of foodstuffs. The event which lasted for almost 4 hours was attended by dozens of participants from all over Indonesia ranging from health practitioners, employees to students. With this activity, it is hoped that millennials in Indonesia can have a healthy lifestyle by choosing the right and healthy nutritional intake.

About Great Giant Foods

Great Giant Foods (GGF) is one of the integrated agro-industrial companies in Indonesia where its main activity is producing various healthy foods such as fruit, juices, milk, meat to biological organic fertilizers. GGF’s business activities stand on a plantation area of approximately 34,000 hectares in Lampung and East Java. Our main vision is “Nourishing people live with quality foods produced sustainably and innovatively”. Along with the development of the company, GGF feels the need to then be able to develop together with the surrounding community, especially in the health sector.

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SNV is a non-profit international development organization. Our team of local and international experts has worked in more than 25 countries in Africa, Asia, and Latin America. SNV specializes in supporting the resources of development actors by building local capacity, improving performance and services, strengthening governance systems, helping to create access for marginalized groups, and establishing market mechanisms that benefit low-income communities.