GGF lampung has a covid-19 vaccination unit

GGF lampung has a covid-19 vaccination unit

The ongoing spread of the covid-19 virus has resulted in efforts to establish immunity to the herd foods, and no exception to the great giant foods (GGF) of swaddling staff. Production activities under strict health protocols should certainly be supported by vaccinating all employees.

The implementation of a GGF vaccination will be gradual to minimize a crowd that actually endangers its employees. This concern involves keeping workers out of the unanticipated possibilities of exposure to covid-19.

Vaccination activities are carried out by sending invitations to employees containing the location and time of the vaccination. The implementation of vaccination has been utilized in such a way that it is within reach of employees. However, it cannot be ignored by employees who cannot come during the kaena vaccination, a long work location, there are jobs that cannot be abandoned.

The distant operational location of the GGF work is a challenge to the emergency response team (ert) GGF lampung to perform vaccination activities on the workers. To overcome the obstacles, companies tried to take steps by preparing mobile vaccination units. So the mobile vaccine will move vaccine participants to accessible locations such as the plantation group 2 (pg2), pg3, or pg4.

The mobile vaccination unit is also deployed to high-altitude locations, but it is difficult to get to the designated vaccination site. In addition to its internal use, the vaccine car is also planned to be lent to the government so that governments can do the same, hoping for a faster distribution of the vaccine to the public.

Regent of ahmad lampung has personally seen the GGF vaccine units. With the GGF’s vaccine, Moses ahmad is grateful for the support and participation of the company to help with the government program. It is also in accordance with the plan of the central government to form the national herd herd.