Lunar special 2021, GGF organizes a quality product show

Lunar special 2021, GGF organizes a quality product show

The great giant foods (GGF) fly huge, central lampung, is hosting a special product show hosting a special New Year of lunar 2021 at the Chandra supermarket cape, Lampung town on Thursday, February 10, 2021, March 12, 2021.

This exhibit is to introduce the quality products produced by GGF from sunpride fruit, hometown fresh milk, to pineapple and canned pineapple drinks (cocktails) with brand DUTA.

“It is expected to attract visitors to come to look because of the many attractive promos offered. However, we are urging visitors to comply with current health protocols during the pandemic, “said Anjani miranti marketing of the dept head pt the great giant empire.

In addition to promoting quality products from environmentally-friendly management of plantations and farms, customers who buy products are also participating in the GGF’s great Indonesia program. Through these programs, companies are committed to addressing communities through the products produced.

It’s a collaboration between GGF, government, and society. It is hoped that the integration of programs will address local stunting problems mainly in addressing middle and eastern children.

“The goal is not to introduce GGF products and to encourage people to maintain a healthy lifestyle by dieting healthy foods. Now customers who buy products at this event will get a special price discount as well, “said Anjani.

Anjani continues, this is a special collaboration and introducing a variety of products from business units at GGF such as ambassadors, sunpride, and hometown dairy being initiated by fast-moving consumer goods (FMCG) in cooperation with Chandra in Lampung supermarket

“FMCG gives room to the GGF to introduce the best products at the lunar special since those items that are sold are of very high quality,” says Anjani.

Not only quality, but the GGF products offered are also perfectly healthy to consume. He said the rupiah was expected to continue to strengthen to rp9,100 per dollar in the Jakarta interbank spot market on Tuesday.