PT GGP’s Export Breaks the Shipment Record during the Pandemic

PT GGP’s Export Breaks the Shipment Record during the Pandemic

PT Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) broke the export activity record of up to 1,423 Fcl compared to 2017 of 1,417 Fcl. The hope is that this can continue for the following years so that other targets can be met.

“The highest record was September 2017 1,417 Fcl this year September 2020 exports reached 1,423 Fcl. We should appreciate this because, during the Covid-19 pandemic, the company’s work team was still able to provide maximum performance, “explained the Chairperson of the Lampung GGF ERT, Arief Fatullah.

During the Covid-19 pandemic, in principle, company management hoped that business operations could continue to run, there was no reason to stop production. To fulfill that, of course, several prerequisites must be met, including the employees and the work team in good health.

By the high production being carried out at this time, it is hoped that all employees will have the same thoughts about the Covid-19 pandemic, to minimize any disturbances related to Covid-19. The company hopes that employees will not underestimate the current Covid-19 pandemic and continue to carry out health protocols.

Arief explained that this condition is a challenge in itself for the company’s business considering that production is high and we hope that we can continue to maintain the safety and health of employees by implementing health protocols under existing regulations.

“This is a challenge in itself for the company’s business, considering that production is high. We do not expect that these thoughts will hinder Great Giant Foods’ business processes in general,” said Arief.

Besides, the company also hopes that employees will remain vigilant with a large number of people without symptoms (OTG) as COVID-19 patients. this will have a big impact on the company if there are employees who are confirmed with COVID-19. Management has delivered and decision regarding the sanctions for violation of health protocols, especially those related to campaign implementation. If there are employees who become a successful team during the campaign period and violate health protocols, it is feared that this will have great potential to become a new cluster.