Sunpride Received “Best Branded Fruit” Award from IOB

Sunpride Received “Best Branded Fruit” Award from IOB

Sunpride’s Commitment to Succeed in Bringing the IOB (Indonesia Original Brand) 2020 “Best Branded Fruit” Award.

On July 13, 2020, Sunpride successfully received an award from – IOB (Indonesia Original Brand) 2020 again for the category “Best Branded Fruit” for the 3rd time where the same award has been obtained in 2016 and 2017. IOB 2020 awards night was felt is different but doesn’t diminish the essence of the award, because it is usually held lively, but during this pandemic, the award is done online.

The award survey organized by SWA magazine was carried out quantitatively through interviews with users of original Indonesian brands using the Multistage Random Sampling technique from about 108 categories, which was conducted in 6 major cities including Medan, Bandung, Jabodetabek, Semarang, Surabaya, and Makassar. . This survey is also conducted on approximately 5000 respondents each year from February to March.

At this IOB award, 4 parameters are measured, namely:
1. Satisfaction
2. Loyalty
3. Advocacy

Comparison of Local – Foreign Brands It is an honor for Sunpride to be able to maintain the IOB 2020 for the branded fruit category amid the COVID-19 pandemic. This is in line with our commitment to always provide quality fruit and safe for consumption. This quality fruit comes from our consistency in ensuring that every fruit produced is always maintained in terms of hygiene, safety, and quality, from the production process in the garden to the customer.

Luthfiany Azwawie as Head of PM & Marketing Sunpride said, “It is an honor for Sunpride as an Indonesian brand to compete with fruit brands from abroad. We hope that with the appreciation and the results of the survey we received, consumers will continue to faithfully support every step of the way and Sunpride’s commitment to always provide the best. Hopefully, our aspirations and hopes to continue to support and contribute positively to the progress of Indonesian fruit production and marketing can also be achieved!”