Anticipating the Omicron Variant, GGF Conducts Vaccine Inspection

Anticipating the Omicron Variant, GGF Conducts Vaccine Inspection

Great Giant Foods (GGF) started operational activities in 2022 by carrying out vaccine inspections on workers after the Christmas and New Year holidays carried out by the GGF Lampung Emergency Response Team (ERT). The activity was carried out on Monday, January 3, 2022 as an anticipatory measure for the entry of the Omicron variant in the company area.

Head of ERT GGF Lampung, Arief Fatullah, considered that the company needed to carry out vaccine inspections on workers to anticipate the spread of the Omicron variant in the work area. Arief said if the spread of this new variant was already massive, it could have a bad impact on the company’s operational processes.

“Each new variant of the Covid-19 outbreak still has risks to health that need to be anticipated because it will have an impact on work operations if the spread is massive. In relation to this, starting January 1, 2022, GGF requires all employees at all levels, casual daily workers, outsourcing, carpool and all other teams to be vaccinated twice,” said Arief.

ERT, HRBP, Task Force and Security conduct simultaneous vaccine inspections on January 3, 2022. If it is found that workers have not implemented the vaccine or have not completed it, they will not be allowed to work. ‚ÄúPlease all task forces to ensure a list of all workers who are on leave above that date. If a positive case is found, tracing and quarantine will be carried out as before,” said Arief.

From the data received by ERT, that for the vaccines for the two employees, outsourcing and carpooling workers have reached 100 percent. While the first HL vaccine workers have only implemented about 97 percent, and the second vaccine has only reached 65 percent.

“Hopefully the rest is not because they haven’t been vaccinated, but they haven’t been reported. This is a commitment from management and ERT. We have socialized it for all areas, all leaders have an agreement, otherwise the vaccine is not allowed to work,” said Arief.