A Core Principle

At GGF, being sustainable is a core component of our business.

This approach means that we not only protect the environment, but we also improve soil fertility, promote biodiversity, and increase our production yield in the long-term.

We initially began in the 1980s by harvesting rainwater to reduce our consumption of groundwater, and as our company expanded, we explored other methods to achieve sustainability and implemented green practices.

One such aspect is the installation of a 4 million litre biogas plant in 2011. The plant converts the waste produced from fruit processing into methane gas which has reduced our dependency on fossil fuels by as much as 30%. Furthermore, through research and development, we can now extract bromelain enzymes from the stems of pineapples which acts as the catalyst in the production of our very own organic fertilizer.

We are proud to implement such sustainable agriculture practices. This ensures the longevity of GGF and the subsidiary companies within the organization as well as enabling us to meet the growing demand of our expanding customer portfolio.

Implementing Green Practices

We have developed a waste management system that is not only efficient but contributes to the improvement of product quality. An important achievement we have made is in the producing of “zero waste” products. Solid and liquid waste created by our upstream as well as downstream business are recycled into other useful materials such as for cattle feed or to produce bromelain enzymes, an important component of organic fertilizers.

By implementing green practices through the supply chain, we have reduced our fossil fuel usage by 30%, decreased the use of inorganic fertilizers by 40%, and increased the yield of our products by 40%.