Bimtek In-Line Inspection Quality Control

Bimtek In-Line Inspection Quality Control

Lampung Quarantine Center provides In-Line Inspection Quality Control Technical Guidance (Bimtek) training at PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) as a quarantine measure during the production process in order to issue a Phytosanitary Certificate to fulfill the requirements of the export protocol free of disturbing organisms plant (OPT) required by the destination country.

The implementation of the training activities was attended by the Head of the Lampung Agricultural Quarantine Center Donni Muksydayan, the Lampung Agricultural Quarantine Plant Quarantine Sub-Coordinator Irsan Nuhantoro, Technical Advisor for Plantation and R&D Fauzan, Banana Senior Manager Aris Wahyudi, and Crop Development Manager Margo Tri Laksono.

Irsan Nuhantoro, explained that one of the aims of the Technical Guidance for the In-Line Inspection program was to give the Authority of the Quarantine Center to PT GGP to carry out independent inspections.

“To get the In-Line Inspection program, Quarantine trains personnel at the company how they can carry out quarantine duties to inspect products to be exported. All are assessed, must meet a standard value above 7.5 to pass certification, “said Irsan.

Those who pass the certification have the right and can represent Quarantine duties at PT GGP to carry out inspections and make decisions on whether the product is suitable or not for export. That’s why Quarantine conducts In-Line Inspection Quality Control technical training guidance, he added.

“This makes it easier for PT GGP because the company is no longer waiting for inspection services from Quarantine but can carry out independent inspections; all we have to do is apply for a printed certificate which will speed up the process. So this is part of simplifying the Quarantine service process and every time a Quarantine export shipment does not have to be present,” Irsan explained.

Aris said the request for training for Quarantine was aimed at preparing certified internal company cadres who would be tasked with assisting the quarantine inspection function in an effort to ensure that there are no plant-disturbing organisms until they are sent to export destination countries.

“In-Line Inspection is carried out by the company itself through those who have been trained and certified. This team functions as a similar stage with quality control, related to OPT,” said Aris.