Deputy Regent of North Lampung Inaugurates the UMKM Elmuna Mitra GGP Cavendish Chip Production House

Deputy Regent of North Lampung Inaugurates the UMKM Elmuna Mitra GGP Cavendish Chip Production House

Representatives of PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) were also present accompanying the Deputy Regent of North Lampung (Lampura) Ardian Saputra at the inauguration and handover of the Horticulture Post-Harvest production house building in Bumi Restu Village, Abung Surakarta District, North Lampung Regency, Tuesday (13/13/2019) 12).

This production house is devoted to the production of banana chips which will be managed by the local village Glamas Sejahtera farmer group which is under the auspices of PT GGP.

“Processed cavendish banana chips produced by MSME Elmuna have been part of PT GGP’s support,” explained MSME Chairperson Elmuna Tri Misrati during a dialogue with the Deputy Regent of Lampura Aldian Saputra.

Aldian Saputra really appreciates the construction of the MSME Elmuna banana chip processing house. According to him, this building is considered very useful for farmer groups in managing crops to become quality MSME products.

“Hopefully this can continue to be useful for a better production process and produce quality products that are acceptable to the market,” said Aldian.

The production house is equipped with post-harvest processing equipment for horticultural commodities. With the existing facilities, it is hoped that it can develop other local products while also being able to provide added value to farmers.

“The existence of this production house can reduce the damage to agricultural products, and farmers can get higher added value because the handling of the production process is better starting from handling raw materials, washing, grading, sorting, heating at high temperatures, packaging and storage are getting better,” said Tri Misrati.

“Previously raw materials were easily damaged during storage, especially for the fruit and vegetable group, causing the sales results of these agricultural products to not be optimal,” said the head of this MSME.