GGF and UGM Hold Career Seminar

GGF and UGM Hold Career Seminar

Great Giant Foods (GGF) Lampung and Gajah Mada University (UGM) Yogyakarta held Career Seminars for students and recent graduates. UGM is committed to preparing its graduates to be able to compete in the world of work.

The Career Seminar was held in a webinar entitled Is Management Trainee the Right Way to Begin Your Career Journey, Monday (17/4/23), by presenting two resource persons from Gajah Mada University who already have career positions at GGF, namely, Daisy Metria as People Partner Agri and Recruitment Department Head and Muhamat Fitra Adi are participating in the LEAP GGF Shopper Marketing Agri Business program graduated from the Faculty of Agriculture.

This event is a collaborative project between GGF and UGM that aims to provide insight to undergraduate students and recent graduates on how to start their career journey through the management trainee program.

The webinar, moderated by Adinda Raisa, also provided practical knowledge in writing and preparing cover letters as well as practical knowledge in facing interviews. The seminar also provided insight into job opportunities and the importance of soft skills in facing the world of work.
“Is management trainee the right choice to start your career journey?,” said the question asked by moderator Adinda when opening the seminar.
Before delivering the material, Daisy as the resource person explained at a glance about how GGF runs its business which is carried out in an integrated manner from one business unit to another.

“GGF itself has subsidiaries engaged in plantations (Pineapple, Banana, Crystal Guava, red), Tapioca Flour production, cattle fattening, Hometown fresh milk, and Bromelain Enzyme,” Daisy said.

Then what about the career journey at GGF? Daisy explained that the current condition is a talent war where all companies attract each other to need good talent. While to get this need is limited because it must be adjusted to the requirements of someone can be accepted.

GGF has Training Development which already has a curriculum for leadership programs, technical programs for worker development. So the company can take its talent from internal according to the needs of the developer through promotion, he continued.

Daisy further explained that career is the stage of development or work experience of a person during work. So you can’t come to ask what about his career if you don’t have work experience.

“Children now want to know first how their careers are while companies will also see what their work experience and abilities are like,” Daisy said.
Career itself is a series of positions, tasks, and opportunities that a person has during work in the form of competencies that combine skills, knowledge, experience and this is realized by behavior.

“If it cannot be realized with a form of behavior, it is not competence,” said Daisy
Job seekers should also know where their passion is? For example, agriculture or plantations are certainly in the village, do not be carried with life in the city. Must be able to adapt to the world of work.

“It is impossible for companies that adapt to finding work but instead looking for work that must adapt to the work environment, the most important thing for job seekers is to adapt to the world of work, so they must first know where their passion is,” Daisy concluded