GGF Has a Main Clinical Pathology Specialized Medical Laboratory

GGF Has a Main Clinical Pathology Specialized Medical Laboratory

Great Giant Foods (GGF) Lampung has Main Clinical Pathology Specialized Medical Laboratory service facilities. The medical laboratory operational permit was issued by the Ministry of Health on July 5 2023.

The ceremonial opening of Laboratory services took place in the GGF Dining Room Training Center marked by the cutting of a tumpeng by People Partner Protein and Plant Based Department Head Movery Ferestian which was given to Dr. Intanri Kurniati Sp.PK as the Person in Charge of the Great Giant Lampung Clinical Pathology Special Medical Laboratory Tuesday, (29 /8).

In his speech, Movery Ferestian explained that the issuance of the operational permit from the Ministry of Health was inseparable from the support of the entire GGF team starting from the licensing process, providing facilities and infrastructure, tools and materials needed by medical laboratories. “Thank you for the support of colleagues from the Legal, General Service, Purchasing, Finance Accounting, Sustainability and HRBP teams so that what we have prepared for this permit has come to fruition,” said Movery.

Furthermore, Movery hopes that the presence of medical laboratory services can support all employee health examination needs in the context of monitoring and coaching the company’s Occupational Health and Safety (K3), employee Medical Check Ups and other required laboratory examinations. By providing the best service in accordance with the vision of becoming a laboratory with the best quality.

Meanwhile, Nana Kuprihatin, Head of the Great Giant Lampung Clinical Laboratory, said that the laboratory owned by GGF is currently the only laboratory in Lampung Province for Primary Class. According to him, since the Covid-19 pandemic, management has wanted to have a Polymerase Chain Reaction (PCR) Laboratory, which at that time was really needed to handle Covid-19 in the company.

Currently, PT Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) is trusted by the Indonesian Ministry of Health to provide medical laboratory health services, and for this main class it must come from a verification center, there are many requirements that must be met.

“This laboratory has two functions to support medical diagnosis. There are clinical programs to control infectious diseases and non-communicable diseases. “Infectious diseases caused by viruses or bacteria can be diagnosed with medical support in the form of laboratory examinations,” explained Nana. “Treating non-communicable diseases such as diabetes, kidney disease, high blood pressure, can also be examined using supporting examinations to confirm the diagnosis so that the doctor’s therapy can be better,” he added.

The existence of this medical laboratory is also very necessary to support the production process so that supervision of workers can continue because the work environment is a risky place according to their work.

For example, workers who work in pesticide areas once a year undergo a cholinesterase health check. If the choline level in the blood drops, it means there is an indication of exposure to pesticide chemicals, then the worker will be given treatment and evaluation for three months, if their health is good then they will be recommended to return to work.

“It must be anticipated from the start to prepare a safe work environment so that risks that arise can be reduced. “The need for personal protective equipment (PPE) is necessary to protect workers,” concluded Nana Kupriatin.