GGF Socialization of Stunting Prevention in Internal Settlements of Workers

GGF Socialization of Stunting Prevention in Internal Settlements of Workers

Health Clinic Health Workers (Nakes) together with HRBP Great Giant Foods (GGF) accompanied by the Comunity Relation Development (CRD) team socialized the stunting prevention and data collection program in Kijung, Lakop, and Great Giant Livestock worker housing, Wednesday (1/3)

In addition, monitoring the nutritional status of toddlers and health for brides-to-be, pregnant women and breastfeeding mothers is also facilitated as well as weighing and measuring children under to over 2 years old. Furthermore, the GGF team also observed MCK hygiene sanitation facilities.

The activity was attended by People Partner Prot &; Plant Based Department Head Movery Ferestian, Head of GGF Health Clinic Nana Kupriatin, Internal CRD Gregorius Aris Cjahja Kristiawan.

On the occasion, Nana Kupriatin said that socialization activities are expected to increase information and education to all posyandu cadres, pregnant women, breastfeeding mothers, who are in employee housing areas regarding stunting and child nutrition.

“The hope is that with this socialization, as early as possible it can be identified so that it can improve child nutrition and stunting cases can be prevented in residential areas,” said Nana. For this reason, Nana also invites parents to better understand and care about the fulfillment of balanced nutrition for their children.

Meanwhile, Suwanto as the Head of RT Housing Environment Division 1B Lakop welcomed and expressed his gratitude to the company for providing education and strategies for handling stunting to its residents.

“This socialization is very important to do, we hope that the material that has been received can be applied, for us to jointly prevent and overcome stunting,” said Suwanto