GGF Talks Celebrates National Children’s Day 20

GGF Talks Celebrates National Children’s Day 20

In order to celebrate Indonesian Children’s Day 2021, Giant Foods (GGF) Family held an online discussion entitled “GGF Talk Indonesian Children’s Day” through the Live Instagram channel. The activity was held on November 19, 2021. GGF Family presented resource persons, namely Indra Ardiyanto Head of Corporate Communications of GGF, Febby Founder of BTS Army Indonesia, as well as Iqbal and Petra representatives from PT Sewu Segar Nusantara (SSN).

Starting the discussion, Indra said that GGF is a brand entity that has several business units under it, all of which are engaged in the food sector. GGF’s main business is the largest integrated pineapple canning in the world. In accordance with the company’s vision and mission, GGF wants to provide good nutrition to the entire community.

Iqbal said that Sunpride has been here for almost 26 years to meet the nutritional needs of the Indonesian people. “Sunpride together with GGF initiated Great Children – Great Future to reduce stunting rates in Indonesia, especially in the Lampung area,” said Sunpride’s Digital Marketing Iqbal.

In line with the goals of GGF, the Indonesian BTS Army Community strongly supports GGF’s role in helping the fulfillment of nutrition for the Indonesian people. Especially in the midst of a pandemic that has many impacts. “BTS Army Indonesia is not only a community of BTS lovers, but also wants to be a part of humanitarian actions in Indonesia,” said Febby.

BTS Army is very happy because some of the activities carried out always get support from GGF. This proves that collaboration between parties is needed to help more people, especially the fulfillment of nutrition for Indonesian children.