GOALL 3 Lampung: Build Self Confident Integrity thru Servant Leadership

GOALL 3 Lampung: Build Self Confident Integrity thru Servant Leadership

Still in the atmosphere of Eid al-Fitr 1444 Hijriah, all leaders and employees of Great Giant Foods (GGF) Terbanggi, Lampung and GGF management held the GOALL (GGF CEO Obtain Aspiration and Listen to Employee) 3 event which was held on Wednesday (10/5). This year, the event began with Townhall Meeting and continued with the Halal Bi Halal event held at the Flygi Besar Training Center, Lampung.

Townhall Meeting in Lampung was directly attended by more than 260 employees, and attended online by several employees in Sukabumi, Bali, and Tanggamus. The event was opened with the Sigeh Pengunten Dance performed by students from SD Xaverius Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung. This dance is a typical dance from Lampung to welcome guests who attend an event.

Managing Director of Production & Sourcing GGF, Mr. Wayan Ardana, welcomed the Board of Commissioners, Board of Directors, and leaders in Lampung at the Town Hall Meeting 2023. As the host of Townhall and Halal Bi Halal activities. “I really appreciate the HRD team who are so extraordinary presenting this ceremony is very extraordinary. Hopefully what we have been running so far will give blessings to all, to families, companies, and the general public.” Mr. Wayan said.

Meanwhile, GGF Commissioner, Mr. Setiawan Achmad invited GGF employees to continue to maintain commitment and togetherness for what GGF has achieved. “This togetherness is what makes GGF successful. I’m not Super Man, just like my teammates, but because we came together we finally achieved GGF which became great. Why we can achieve this big is because this is the fruit of the togetherness we build together,” said Mr. Setiawan.

HRGA Director of Great Giant Foods, Mrs. Rina Faqih on the occasion also gave a presentation related to people update and explained that this year’s employee engagement achievement reached the highest value in GGF’s history. “The next tough task is how to retain and make workers, members, and ourselves more engaged to the company. All levels, ages, and years of service have all increased significantly. So it can be said that our engagement score is very good in 2022.”

President Director of GGF, Mr. Tommy Wattimena, also had the opportunity to answer questions submitted by participants. One of them is how to respond to the strength of business in the second engine in GGF. “So far, almost above 90% of business strength is in the canned pineapple process. So the second engine is fresh fruits that make us the king of fruit in Indonesia”,

“The first strategy is to maintain the quality of products entering the market. The second strategy is to maintain the supply chain, so that good quality goods in the garden reach consumers. Third, we must know the contract grower in areas close to the market. It is impossible for all goods to be imported from Lampung. The distance caused the goods to be damaged and the land also began to be limited, “concluded Tommy.

On another occasion, Managing Director of Gunung Sewu Group, Eddy Tamboto, also thanked the Town Hall participants for their contributions. In the future, he hopes that we will use what has been achieved so that GGF can continue to grow and become a better company. “I believe that with cooperation, GGF will truly become a leader in the world. Beyond that, I also hope that what has been planned by the management for expansion in fresh fruit can also be supported by friends. We see a lot of potential and huge opportunities so that we can multiply the business in fresh fruit,” he concluded. The Townhall event ended with a group photo and the participants who were present at the time continued their event with maghrib and Halal Bi Halal prayers.