Ipb students create a virtual visit with GGF

Ipb students create a virtual visit with GGF

Corporate communication great giant foods (GGF) receives a visit to the united agricultural industrial technology (himalogin) ipb online. A total of 84 students followed the virtual visit from 09 -11 pm wib on Thursday, February 4, 2021. The virtual visit went smoothly and without any significant obstacles.

Head of communications & recurring GGF senses ardiyanto suggested that the event was the first virtual visit in 2021. At the time of the covid-19 pandemic, the virtual visit could be a space that Bridges students with a way to keep learning and receiving information about everything including ggf-related information.

The himalogin ipb chairman, izdihar a. Yasik, initially told us that a corporate visit is a public-relations department of corporate work to visit food and agro-industries. “The dream of a himalogin student can learn more from agricultural, agricultural, and industrial companies such as GGF from limited space online,” says izdihar.

The price of new product development QA, a dividend executive said, contributed to a wide range of corporate profile GGF and pineapple processing.

Students as online participants look forward to hearing exposure about what the GGF has done to build their business. The question that comes from the student body is a lot alluding to the application of the company’s quality systems, one of which line six sixma. In addition, questions about GGF waste treatment, product quality control, and recruiting of new workers also came to the online discussion.

Hanina who was one of the students said that she was very pleased with this visit and had a great deal to do with what was learned in the college. “His information can be a new insight for us,” he said