Kickoff LOB Corn and Rice Prototyping Project 2023-2024

Kickoff LOB Corn and Rice Prototyping Project 2023-2024

Head of the Lampung Agricultural Technology Assessment Center (BPTP), Jekvy Hendra, attended the LOB Corn and Rice Prototyping Project 2023-2024 Kickoff event, which was held at the Great Giant Foods (GGF) Training Center Building, Terbanggibesar, Wednesday (8/3)

The kickoff of LOB for the development of Corn and Rice crop demplot was officially opened by GGF Protein and Plant Based Business CEO Josep Lay marked by Gong beating, accompanied by Technical Advisor for Plantation and R&D Fauzan, LOB & Compost Production Head Pardi Tanojo, Plant Based Production Head Adas Widiasmoro, and Compost Department Head Remy.

The event was also attended by farmer groups from three districts, Central Lampung, East Lampung, and South Lampung who will be involved in the rice and corn crop demplot project.

On the occasion, in front of the participants of the launch of the demplot program, Josep Lay, explained that LOB has been produced for approximately 12 years and this has been successfully applied in the company’s internal gardens for pineapple crops and other commodities such as bananas, guavas and cassava plants.

The mission of the company’s founder is how pineapple plantation as the main business can achieve excellent garden productivity. Until now, everything can be realized by the company with the birth of LOB.

“This good hope can also be felt by farmers to get better agricultural results. By applying LOB, of course, plants are healthier and more importantly can provide added value benefits for farmers, “said Josep Lay.

Furthermore, he emphasized that LOB deliberately chose Lampung as the prototyping of the demplot, hoping that it could be expanded and expanded after conducting studies, especially in Central Lampung, East Lampung, and South Lampung regencies.

It turns out that the use of chemical fertilizers in these three districts has almost reached Rp 6 trillion. This is remarkable and some fertilizers are still imported. LOB does not want to ‘eliminate’ chemical fertilizers, but we only try to reduce the use of chemicals so that the soil is healthier, he said.

“There is still a long way to go, especially talking about plants, not just counting days. We want this demplot to be up to three seasons so that it is proven and there is trust because farmers need real evidence in the field,” concluded Josep Lay.

We really try to provide LOB products that are very quality controlled so that when LOB reaches the hands of consumers it really suits its application and provides always better results, continued Adas Widiasmoro.

“LOB production is strictly quality controlled. Hopefully what has been felt internally can also be felt by farmers so that they can grow and develop together so that agricultural land will also benefit from improved soil fertility,” said Adas.

What is being witnessed today at the Great Giant Pineapple is a far cry from what it was 22 years ago. The changes are quite a lot and the most important thing is that the changes do not change by themselves but are carried out land arrangement with a very basic concentration, said Jekvy Hendra who has known PT GGP since he was a student.