Management Hands Over Donations to GGF Volunteer

Management Hands Over Donations to GGF Volunteer

Great Giant Foods (GGF) management handed over donations to GGF Volunteer. The donation was handed over by GGF President Director Tommy Wattimena to PIC GGF Volunteer Ishak Hendra Purnama Putra at the 2023 Town Hall Meeting, at the PT GGP Training Center, Wednesday (10/5).

When handing over the donation, Tommy Wattimena, was accompanied by MD FA & Corporate Strategy – CEO Farmers Empowerment Partnership Jane Fransisca, CEO of Fresh Fruit & GTM Cindyanto Kristian, Managing Director Wayan Ardana, and Director of HRGA Rina Faqih.

GGF Volunteer itself is a social activity platform initiated by workers through voluntary fundraising to be distributed to workers or workers’ families in need, or when workers are affected by disaster.

“This donation from GGF management will immediately be distributed to those in need. “GGF Volunteer would also like to thank the management for disbursing donations for this social activity,” said Ishak, Friday (2/6).

Ishak said, for the January-May 2023 period there have been 12 applicants for donations from workers for medical costs, some of which are not covered by the Social Security Administering Body (BPJS).

“Of the 12 recipients of donations, 8 of them have donated donations. “And the distribution report has been submitted to management through a complete accounting process along with minutes of the donation handover and photo documents,” explained Ishak.

Furthermore, even if there is a request for assistance, workers do not have to come to the office but can via WhatsApp (WA) to GGF Volunteer. We will verify their identity, if they are eligible for donations, we will make a notification via the PIC of each department and it will be distributed by the Corporate Communication (Corporate) department.

Donations will be given according to the request because BPJS does not cover all types of diseases and medicines. GGF Volunteer helps with these needs. Apart from that, there are also 2 donation points given for house fires that happen to workers. “Everything is open, how much is the donation, where is the distribution, all notifications are submitted via Corpcomm. which can be accessed from the GGF email group and WhatsApp group,” he emphasized further.

GGF Volunteer will continue to raise funds until the end of June 2023. Funds collected from workers will be donated again while those from management have been distributed. Since the last 2 years, GGF Volunteer has distributed aid donations to 50 people.

“Overall, I started holding it in the last two years, in 2022, GGF Volunteer through fundraising and workers has donated to 20 workers. Assistance from this new company in 2023,” said Ishak. GGF Volunteer is a worker initiative as a form of solidarity to help fellow workers, while for community assistance the route is through the Corporate Relations Development Department (CRD), he concluded.