Managing Used Mask Waste at GGF

Managing Used Mask Waste at GGF

The use of worker masks is getting higher, this is related to vigilance against the Covid-19 pandemic which positively indicates worker awareness for risk protection is quite good. Used masks can be a cause of disease or a medium for transmitting viruses. This of course will be very dangerous, especially the virus that causes Covid-19.

The Great Giant Foods (GGF) Occupational Safety and Health Management System (SMK3) takes steps to reduce health risks due to the careless disposal of used masks in company areas. In the GGF Area, all workers must play a role in managing used masks because they can be a source of disease transmission. This is because the number is very significant and comes from housing or workers’ mess.

“Medical masks that come from health clinics, or masks that were used during the isolation period due to being positive for Covid-19 are collected and sent to third parties who have licenses or have permits in accordance with the requirements required by the Ministry of Environment,” said Head of SMK3 GGF Arief Fatullah.

Used masks that are not used by Covid-19 survivors but are used as prevention from the transmission of the Covid-19 virus are not sent to third parties, but are collected specifically in closed places provided by the General Service section in all mess and residential areas of each Plantation Group company. .

Through the management of used masks, it is hoped that they can potentially reduce the risk of transmission due to the misuse of masks. Meanwhile, all residential areas, especially in PG2, are required to sort out mask waste from trash or other waste.