OJK Visits GGP Regarding Plan to Launch Carbon Exchange

OJK Visits GGP Regarding Plan to Launch Carbon Exchange

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) received a working visit from the Lampung Provincial Industry and Trade Office in order to monitor the follow-up of the Cooperation Agreement (PKS) between Industry and Vocational High Schools (SMK) in order to utilize Super Tax Reduction facilitation.

The monitoring of PKS follow-up and utilization of super tax facilities took place at the GGF Training Center building, attended by representatives of Human Resource Development and Corporate Relations Development of PT GGP, Thursday (25/5).

“This monitoring is related to the cooperation agreement between PT GGP and SMK in Lampung Province related to vocational education and super tax reduction, which is an incentive from the central government,” said Head of Cooperation, Supervision and Industrial Resources Development Hayudian Utomo.
Hayudian explained that if the industry conducts facilities for vocational education, the costs incurred for these activities can be reimbursed by the government in the form of tax breaks.

“The company only needs to collect evidence of vocational implementation and then it can be claimed to the Director General of Taxes. Although the vocational PKS has been running for a long time, this super tax reduction policy has only come down to the Ministry of Finance Regulation in 2019,” he explained.

From the results of our interview, it turns out that the obstacles that exist at PT GGP are related to the technical submission of claims. From this meeting we will then try to facilitate, he added.

“So far, vocational vocational schools in the company have been running. The existence of the Tax Reduction facility has not been taken because there is a process, there is a calculation of the cost that must be reported by the tax department. And it turns out that the process is technically a bit difficult,” said HRD Recruitment Nia Kurniati.

The presence of the Industry and Trade Office team today actually wants to ask why this super tax facility is not taken by the company, continued Nia.
Actually, the company has followed the socialization from the Department of Industry and Trade but it turns out that from the draft submitted there are differences with existing technicalities such as the budget for electricity, training costs, and etc. because the company is not that detailed only in outline.

We hope that in the future the Department of Industry and Trade can promote what is like what is in GGP so that the process is not too difficult, continued Gregorius Aris representing the CRD Department.
“Of course, we really appreciate what if this has an impact on the tax breaks charged to companies with vocational programs or cooperation agreements with schools that do internships in companies,” said Aris.