Potential of GGF Biogas Plant in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

Potential of GGF Biogas Plant in Reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions

There are several things that need to be understood and known related to Green House Gases (GHG) or Greenhouse Gas Emissions. In the context of greenhouse gas emissions, the concern is mainly combustion derived from fossil-sourced fuels.

In principle, the greenhouse effect is the same as the conditions that occur in greenhouses, where the sun’s heat is trapped in the earth’s atmosphere and causes the earth’s temperature to warm. The gases in the atmosphere that can capture the sun’s heat are called greenhouse gases. Including greenhouse gases in the atmosphere include carbon dioxide (CO2), nitrogen dioxide (N2O), and methane (CH4).

Sustainaible Farming and Climate GGF Julius Sugarjanto, explained that the company has long been concerned about the issue of greenhouse gases.
According to him, the greenhouse effect is actually needed to maintain the earth’s temperature, so that the temperature difference between day and night is not too large. But the excessive greenhouse effect will cause global warming where the temperature on earth will rise significantly.
“Surely it would be serious if the earthlings didn’t care about this,” Julius said.

The development of the agro-industrial agricultural industry where when talking about the agricultural industry is not only talking about factories. But to get the raw materials it must be from plantations or farms. In plantations, one of the variables for production is fertilizer. There are various fertilizers N, P, K, including micronutrient fertilizers needed by production plants in the agricultural industry.

Methane gas (CH4) the main source is from the decay of organic materials that are anaerobic in nature will definitely form the name Methane gas is the main concern of GGF. Now it is different from the medieval era or before where the agricultural industry is not as massive as it is now. With the development of the agricultural industry, one of the impects is the formation of organic waste.

“This organic waste, if it undergoes a process of remodeling or decay, especially if the process is anaerobic, it will emit methane gas. Methane gas has the potential to cause global warming 28 times compared to CO2,” he explained further.

Now in the context of greenhouse gas emissions that are the main concern is the use of N fertilizer, because in the decomposition process there is the potential to be emitted in the form of N2O, one of the greenhouse gases as well, he continued.

“The three that we have to control, the main ones are Carbon Dioxide, Methane Gas, and Nitrogen Dioxide Gas. this is our concern, beyond that there is but small, “said Julius.

Methane gas has the potential to be ‘evil’, why do we need to concentrate on greenhouse gas emissions, basically when talking about carbon dioxide naturally, nature actually has a process of forming CO2 through the name of respiration from living things, one of which includes the natural decomposition of organic materials, there is always the formation of greenhouse gases called CO2.

CO2 which naturally helps humans to protect from exposure to ultraviolet light, but because of massive human activity from industry since the era of industrial refolusion, including in the agricultural industry, including developments in the world of transportation that use fossil fuels.

Because our business is a problem where there are gardens and factories. Gardens, using Nitrogen fertilizer, then activities in the garden and in factories require energy, most of which still comes from fossil energy, so we need to concentrate on reducing. The Sustainability Department provides more awareness. There may be projects that are handled in order to contribute to reducing greenhouse gases, but basically the responsibility or obligation to reduce greenhouse gas emissions corporately is not only in sustainability but all departments.

Building a Biogas Plant is one of the goals not only to get biogas as an energy source but also to reduce emissions. With the Biogas Plant is proof and has been proven to be able to reduce our greenhouse gas emissions compared to before the Biogas Plant was built.