PT GGP and Lampung Police Hold a National Program Vaccination Outlet

PT GGP and Lampung Police Hold a National Program Vaccination Outlet

Coinciding with the 75th Bhayangkara day, the Lampung Regional Police Bidokkes in collaboration with PT Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung carried out a national vaccination program to support the acceleration of handling Covid-19. The vaccination activity took place at the Dwi Karya Lempuyang Bandar Multipurpose Cooperative Building which was attended by 350 people on Saturday, July 3, 2021.

This activity was named the Precision Vaccination Outlet as a form of Bhayangkara Health Service for the country. As the theme of the 75th Bhayangkara day, “Precise Police Transformation supports the Acceleration of Handling Covid-19 for Healthy Communities and National Economic Recovery Towards Advanced Indonesia”.

“This vaccination activity for the community is carried out to speed up the vaccination process programmed by the government,” said the person in charge of the vaccination implementation, Kompol Lappy.

Today we are targeting vaccination to 350 people with 30 medical officers from the Lampung Regional Police Bidokkes. Hopefully, the implementation will run smoothly thanks to the support from PT GGP, he continued.

Meanwhile, Head of ERT GGF Lampung, Arief Fatullah, thanked the Lampung Police for facilitating the activity through medical personnel from Bhayangkara Hospital for the implementation of vaccination.

“All from the RS team. Bhayangkara, ERT GGF only facilitates facilities, infrastructure, and logistics for its activities,” said Arief.

Cooperation vaccines are provided through a purchase scheme by the private sector. The GGF, especially in Lampung, for the first stage of vaccines has reached 1,750, the second stage of 2,000 vaccines has arrived, and the third stage is being prepared for 3,000.