PT GGP Gets Appreciation from LPHPA Lampung Province

PT GGP Gets Appreciation from LPHPA Lampung Province

The Lampung Provincial Institute for Observing Women and Children’s Rights (LPHPA) gave appreciation to PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) as a company that fulfilled 12 responsive indicators in supporting the government, especially in Central Lampung Regency as a Child-friendly District.

This was disclosed by the Director of LPHPA Lampung Toni Fisher as the resource person at the 2023 Coordination Meeting of the Task Force and Child-Friendly Districts (KLA) which was held at the Siger Mas Hall IV Floor, Central Lampung Regent’s Office (Lamteng), Tuesday (10/1).

“LPHPA is of course very proud and gives appreciation to PT GGP where this company is so responsive to the Child-Friendly District Program, namely by providing lactation (breastfeeding) places, TPA workers, educational and play facilities, sports facilities, mother and child medical centers, school pick-up buses, houses of worship, stunting CSR programs, sewing partnership CSR programs, cavendish banana chip partnerships and also support the Women Farmers Group (KWT),” said Toni Fisher.

Toni added that the existence of a corporate social responsibility (CSR) program conducted by PT GGP certainly greatly assisted the Central Lampung Regency Government in participating in improving the welfare of the community, especially mothers and children. Present at the activity included the Head of the Lamteng Women’s Empowerment and Child Protection (PPPA) Office
Nuliana, Head of Human Development Administration (P2M) for Ancar, Head of Regional Apparatus in Central Lampung Regency, and PT Great Giant Pineapple represented by Internal CRD Gregorius Aris Tjahja Kristiawannoegroho.

The Coordination Meeting for the Task Force Team and the KLA Team was opened by the Assistant for General Administration and HR Eko Dian Susanto. In his remarks, he emphasized that in order to realize a Child-Friendly District, a strategy was needed to integrate the fulfillment of the basic rights of children in the preparation of laws and regulations from the planning, implementation, monitoring and evaluation stages.

“Build a network of cooperation and operational commitment to the KLA policy by strengthening women’s empowerment and child protection institutions. Non-governmental organizations and the business world must be proactive in efforts to fulfill children’s rights through advocacy, socialization and facilities in the field of manpower, budgets, infrastructure and technological methods,” said Eko.

The Task Force Coordination Meeting also raised questions regarding the high number of divorces and child marriages that occurred in Central Lampung. As an effort to prevent the impact on increasing the decline in the level of social welfare due to divorce cases.

“This is of course PPPA’s note to make Central Lampung Regency a Child-Friendly Regency by sitting together with the Religious Courts on how the process of divorce or underage marriage can be enforced so that people are not easy to file for divorce or even propose a marriage in accordance with applicable regulations, explained Nuliana.

In the near future, LPHPA and PPPA plan to carry out a socialization program at the company with seminar material on preventing domestic violence (KDRT) for mothers and children among workers, explained Aris after the activity.