PT GGP Handed Over 131 thousand PPE Donations to the Lampung Provincial Government

PT GGP Handed Over 131 thousand PPE Donations to the Lampung Provincial Government

PT Great Giant Pineapple provided 131 thousand pieces of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to the Lampung Provincial Government.

The assistance provided at the Lampung Provincial Government Office was handed over directly by the Managing Director of Production of GGF Lampung, Wayan Ardana, and SN Manager Legal & CR, Hendri Tanujaya to the Governor of Lampung, Arinal Djunaidi.

“This PPE assistance is expected to be used by hospital medics and health units in dealing with the COVID-19 pandemic in the Lampung Provincial Government,” said Managing Director of Production GGF Lampung, Wayan Ardana, Monday (11/5/20).

He continued that the goal of being given PPE assistance was a form of concern for the GGP company during the COVID-19 pandemic. PPE equipment is currently very much needed by the medical team who is in charge of being at the forefront of directly dealing with patients.

The assistance provided was 500 pcs Spundbond PPE, 500 pcs Microfiber PPE, 8,000 pcs Med Stril Pro Suite, 8,000 pcs Med Stril Pro Shoe, 4,000 pcs Med Goggle, 100,000 pcs Dis Cvl Mask, and 10,000 pcs KN95 Mask.

“Hopefully this assistance can help meet the medical equipment needs,” he said.

He added that previously PT GGP had handed over 33,400 pieces of PPE donations to the Lampung Provincial Government in the form of 2 Ply Pan Brother UKM Masks.

Since the COVID-19 outbreak was announced as a national pandemic outbreak and its spread has reached the Province of Lampung so that PT GGP as one of the companies operating in the Lampung Provincial Government has participated in providing support and assistance with occupational health and safety support tools to the medics on duty as a guard. front.

“We know that PPE is currently needed by medical personnel, but its availability is quite rare, such as hazmat and KN95 masks. as a company with a large scale we imported 131,000 of them from China, “said Wayan.

Wayan said PT GGP is focused on efforts to tackle Covid-19, not only on tightening prevention protocols in the company environment but also the community. The total budget issued by the company reached Rp. 7 billion.

PT GGP has formed an emergency response team (ERT) with the Jakarta and Lampung task areas to monitor the spread and evaluate the response to Covid-19. 34 rooms were provided which functioned as isolation rooms for ODP in Central Lampung Regency.

Lampung Governor Arinal Djunaidi appreciated the contribution of PT GGP and other companies in Lampung in overcoming covid-19. According to him, the involvement of the private sector is necessary given the limited local government budget.

Arinal also hopes that GGP will focus on controlling all its employees according to health protocols.

“This is a world-class company that must be maintained, don’t stop it, the economy must run, the workforce must be supervised so that it remains optimal. Hopefully, this pandemic will not be too long and will end soon” he hoped.