PT GGP Helps Rehabilitate the Suspension Bridge of Tanjung Ratu Ilir Village

PT GGP Helps Rehabilitate the Suspension Bridge of Tanjung Ratu Ilir Village

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP), Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung, provided assistance to repair a suspension bridge in Kampung Tanjung Ratu Ilir, Way Pengubuhan District, whose condition was badly damaged because the floorboards were starting to become brittle and some were missing.

The suspension bridge with a length of up to 12 meters is an access connecting two villages, namely Kampung Purnama Tunggal and Kampung Tanjung Ratu Ilir.

Its condition is badly damaged, especially on the plank floors, making it difficult for residents to cross using two-wheeled vehicles because some of the bridge floors are weathered due to age.

“It’s difficult for residents to cross on foot. You need to be careful because some of the boards are brittle and some have holes because the boards are gone,” said the Head of Banjar Village, Ratu Dulhadi.

Agustian, as a GGF CRD staff, said that the repair of one suspension bridge unit was carried out by the company because it was concerned about the condition of the residents, especially those who work as farmers because they had difficulty accessing arable land and had to cross the river because the bridge was in a damaged condition.

“Especially during the rainy season, residents have difficulty reaching their cultivated land. Thank God, after repairing the bridge, residents no longer have trouble transporting agricultural products,” said Agustian, Tuesday (16/11).

In addition to the suspension bridge repair assistance, PT GGP also provided assistance for the repair and procurement of facilities and infrastructure for the Office of the Head of Kampung Banjar Ratu. The assistance was received directly by Kakam Banjar Ratu Dulhadi, said Agustian