PT GGP Helps the Clean Water Needs of Gunung Agung Residents

PT GGP Helps the Clean Water Needs of Gunung Agung Residents

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung, realized assistance from the Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program by constructing drilled wells to meet the clean water needs of residents in Hamlet 5, Kampung Gunung Agung, Laluan Nunyai District.

The handover of the drilled well assistance in PT GGP’s CSR program was carried out by Putri Kusuma Wardani, as PT GGP’s Community Relations & Development (CRD) Specialist, who represented Lampung Corporate Affairs SubDiv Head Hendri Tanujaya. This handover was sincerely received by the Head of Gunung Agung Village, Sukardi, accompanied by the Head of Community Empowerment Section, Amrul, along with Vika staff, on Monday (2/10).

“I am very grateful for the assistance provided by a drilled well for clean water for the residents. “Hopefully with the presence of this well, the need for clean water can be resolved, especially during the dry season,” said Sukardi. Difficulty accessing clean water in the area where residents live is the reason PT GGP provides this assistance. Apart from being a form of the company’s social commitment, the location of Hamlet 5 Gunung Agung is also close to the Company’s operational area.

“The choice of this location for drilling clean water wells was not done by chance. We want to help develop and help the environment around our production area, so that this assistance can bring benefits. “This program is in line with the company’s main values ​​in the scope of CSR,” said Hendri when contacted by Gema Lampung reporters via WhatsApp channel.