PT GGP Receives a Visit from the Standing Committee of Holticulture Kadin

PT GGP Receives a Visit from the Standing Committee of Holticulture Kadin

Coorporate Affair Lampung Subdiv Head of PT GGP Hendri Tanujaya accompanied by Operation Dept Head Tanggamus Waliyuddin, warmly welcomed the arrival of guests from the Horticulture Standing Committee of the Indonesian Chamber of Commerce and Industry (Kadin) along with representatives of the Partnership for Indonesia’s Sustainable Agriculture (PISAgro) and PT East-West Seed Indonesia, Wednesday (8/3).

Chairman of the Horticulture Standing Committee Karen Tambayong and colleagues including Managing Director of PT East-West Seed Indonesia Glenn Pardede, Director of Business Development of PT Paskomnas Indonesia Kukun Sutardjana were received at the Dining Room Training Center of Great Gant Foods.

The presence of the Chamber of Commerce and Industry at PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) in the context of sharing knowledge is also an effort to connect fellow members and administrators of the Chamber of Commerce for programs, one of which is the supply chain that has been carried out by PT GGP.
“I heard a lot of interaction and also assistance and programs carried out by the company to the community, one of which is the creating share value program which has been very extraordinary but unfortunately has not been widely known by the public,” said Karen Tambayong.

Furthermore, Karen, said that one of our tasks at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry is to see what PT GGP has done to be able to share with the community as well as administrators and members in Kadin. Second, we also brought entrepreneurs in the Chamber of Commerce and Industry to be able to learn and what can be collaborated. Especially now that the Chamber of Commerce as a partner of the government, we are eager for the programs that have been carried out by Chamber of Commerce members to also enter into government programs.

“It is a coincidence that PT GGP as one of the administrators of the standing committee organization in horticulture represented by Mr. Welly Soegiyono. As business actors, of course, who know exactly what kind of field in the field so that it is more efficient and effective, “continued Karen.
On his occasion, Glenn Pardede, said that although his party as a seed producer currently has nothing to do with PT GGP, of course in the future there may be many things that can be collaborated, for example such as Sweet Corn.

So there is something that East-West Seed Indonesia can give to GGP and I also heard that GGF has LOB liquid fertilizer and compost products, of course it is also interesting because we also have the guidance of nearly 30 thousand farmers. If there is an alternative fertilizer, of course, it will benefit our farmers, so there is something we take from GGP, he added.