PT GGP Review UMKM Insan Berdaya Community

PT GGP Review UMKM Insan Berdaya Community

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP), Terbanggi Besar, Central Lampung, inspected the culinary business activities for the production of processed fruit chips for MSME Empowered Human Communities in Raja Basa Lama II Village, Labuhan Ratu sub-district, East Lampung Regency, Tuesday (6/10/22) .

The presence of PT GGP at the processed chips industrial house of the Empowered Human Community to see directly the process of business activities carried out related to submitting requests for assistance with fruit raw materials for the development of processed chips products.

“The company’s arrival was to see first hand how far the business had been carried out because some time ago this MSME submitted a request for fruit to develop production, especially pineapples and bananas. So far, production has been running in the form of cassava chips, macaroni, sweet potatoes, jackfruit and salak,” said CRD Specialist PT GGP Indra Jaya Kesuma.

It is hoped that this program can be followed up because these MSMEs are located in Rajabasa Lama II Village, Labuhan Ratu District, East Lampung which is directly adjacent to PT GGP’s Plantation Group 4 operational location, added Indra.

“We are trying to follow up to provide assistance like other MSMEs that have been running with PT GGP,” said Indra.

The abundance of PT GGP’s pineapple and banana raw materials inspired mothers who are members of the Empowered Human Community to develop a business that previously only produced cassava, jackfruit, snakefruit chips, etc. to add new products made from pineapple and banana ingredients, explained the Chairperson of the UKM Empowered Human Community Mujiati .

“Currently we are able to produce as much as 100 kg of raw materials and produce around 20 kg of chips a day. Hopefully PT GGP can realize our proposal,”