PT GGP Wins Indonesian CSR Award 2020

PT GGP Wins Indonesian CSR Award 2020

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) again received appreciation for the social performance of the community by winning the Gold Category award at the Indonesian CSR Award (ICA) 2020 held by the Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD). The award ceremony was carried out while still implementing the COVID-19 Health protocol at the JS Luwansa Hotel Jakarta.

The award was given directly by Dra. Sarwat Fardaniyah as Chair of the CFCD Steering Committee (SC) to the Head of Integration and Communication of Great Giant Foods (GGF) Indra Ardiyanto. The award was won by PT GGP for the subject of Core Involvement and Community Development in the Great Indonesia Healthy Lifestyle Campaign Program, 5 Villages in 5 Districts, Central Lampung Regency, Lampung Province.

Managing Director of PT Great Giant Pineapple, Wayan Ardana, said, “We thank God for all the achievements of PT GGP. Our commitment and sincere intentions in implementing and carrying out Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) activities for the community, especially in our company environment, are operating with very good results and can be accepted by the surrounding community. We thank you for the support of multi parties, both internal and external, who continue to work together to build goodness for all. During the COVID-19 pandemic, we will continue to carry out CSR activities by paying attention to health protocols ”

“This year PT GGP carries out CSR activities under one big umbrella called Great Indonesia. as the name suggests, Great Indonesia is our sincere intention to build a better Indonesia in the future through various program pillars in the fields of improving the economy, health, and public education, “said Wayan Ardana.

The 2020 ICA Award was also attended by the CFCD Committee, including Dra. Sarwat Fardaniyah as Chairman of the Steering Committee (SC), Ir. Thendri Supriyatno MBA as Chairman of the CFCD for the 2020-2023 period and Dr. Ir. Puji Winarni MA as Main Secretary of the National Standardization Agency for Indonesia.

The Indonesia CSR Award (ICA) 2020 awarding activity was attended by 39 companies consisting of private companies and BUMN, The participants submitted programs with a total of 159 programs. Apart from that, this activity was also followed by the individual category.

The Indonesian CSR Awards (ICA) 2020 is a 3-year CSR award held by the Corporate Forum for Community Development (CFCD) with the National Standardization Agency for Indonesia and the Coordinating Ministry for Human Development and Culture of the Republic of Indonesia. This event was held to assess the impact, success, and sustainability of the CSR program on the beneficiaries.