PT GGP Wins LKS Bipartite Award 2022

PT GGP Wins LKS Bipartite Award 2022

PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP) won the 2022 Bipartite Cooperation Institution (LKS). PT GGP was named the recipient of the award based on the Decree of the Minister of Manpower Number 123 of 2022 as 1st winner at the Lampung Province level.

The 2022 LKS Bipartite award charter signed by the Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Ida Fauziah, submitted by the Head of the Lampung Province Manpower Office Agus Nompitu to PT GGP represented by the People Partner Prot & Plant Based Department Head Movery Ferestian.

The award ceremony was also attended by Corporate Communication of PT GGP Indra Ardiyanto, Internal CRD Gregorius Aris Cjahja Kristiawan, and Secretary General of P2K3 PT GGP Riana Rachman, and Head of PUK SPSI GGF Ishak Hendra Purnama, at the PT GGP Putri Camp Hall, Wednesday (22/2 ).

Agus Nompitu, explained that his presence with the Lampung Province Manpower Office team at Great Giant Pineapple as a link from the Indonesian Ministry of Manpower to convey the LKS Bipartite award where PT GGP was considered capable of creating a conducive atmosphere and harmonious relations and building good communication between management and workers.

“Apart from handing over the award, we also observed directly how the condition of the company, especially the workforce in the company. The hope is that at PT GGP everything will go well and all norms related to workforce welfare will be fulfilled,” he said.

In this case, the Kadisnaker Lampung also appealed to management to continue to maintain PT GGP’s reputation as a large company whose products not only meet local needs but also export to nearly 60 countries.

And what is no less important, said Agus Nompitu, companies must continue to protect the health and safety of workers, including social security such as insurance for work accidents, death, old age, retirement.

“Thank you to all parties, in this case the management, workers, unions who together have led PT GGP to win first place in the 2022 LKS Bipartit at the Lampung Province level. This award is certainly a mandate for all of us to always maintain and improve industrial relations that have been going well so far,” said Movery Ferestian in his remarks.

“This is a responsibility that we have to take care of. In accordance with the objectives of LKS Bipartite, which is to create harmonious, dynamic and fair industrial relations in the company,” Movery concluded.