PT Sewu Primatama Indonesia Distributes Assistance for Building KWT Fostered Green Houses

PT Sewu Primatama Indonesia Distributes Assistance for Building KWT Fostered Green Houses

Great Giant Foods (GGF) through its subsidiary, PT Sewu Primatama Indonesia (PT SPI) distributed green house construction assistance to the Sekar Wangi Farmers Group (KWT), Bandar Jaya Barat Village, Terbanggibesar District, Central Lampung, Thursday (19/1) .

Submission of material assistance in the form of mild steel and cement intended for the construction of a green house measuring 25x14m as an effort to increase contribution in encouraging the optimization of agricultural products.

The assistance was received by the Chairperson of the Gapoktan Rukun Agawe Sentosa Bandar Jaya Barat Suryadi who is also the Chairperson of the Terbanggi Besar Gapoktan accompanied by the Chairperson of KWT Sekar Wangi Ni Nyoman Setiawati at the location of the planned green house development.

“Thanks to SPI, this is indeed a need that we really want, because KWT Sekar Wangi really needs infrastructure and installations like this,” said Suryadi.

Hopefully this assistance will be an encouragement for KWT Sekar Wangi, how to increase production and also quality. The existence of this green house is not merely just vegetables but can also be modified with fruit plants so that economic prosperity can increase, he continued.

GGF Lampung CRD Specialist Vinka Rilasya, revealed that the material assistance for the construction of this green house is part of an integrated and sustainable agricultural community empowerment program, in collaboration with Bandar Jaya Barat Village which houses KWT Sekar Wangi.

“This program is a form of support from Great Giant Foods through its subsidiary Sewu Primatama Indonesia for sustainable agriculture. In the early stages of this program, assistance has been provided for assisted farmers from KWT Sekar Wangi starting from land management procedures to fertilizing and planting seeds properly, “said Vinka.