Re.juve Holds Community Fun Run to Commemorate World Cancer Day

Re.juve Holds Community Fun Run to Commemorate World Cancer Day

In commemoration of World Cancer Day 2023, Re.juve held a community fun run event with the Indo Runners Yogyakarta runner community with the theme “Standing Together to #LiveHappier”, as well as a celebration of the opening of Re.juve’s second store in Yogyakarta, which is located at Plaza Ambarrukmo.

“After getting a very good response from the public at the opening of the first outlet at Pakuwon Mall Yogyakarta in December 2022, we started 2023 by opening the 86th store in this city, to be precise at Plaza Ambarrukmo, ground floor. The opening of this outlet is certainly part of our commitment to make Re.juve products more easily accessible to the people of Yogyakarta, so that more people can live happier lives and live a sustainable healthy lifestyle by choosing delicious food and drink products, healthy and honest. This World Cancer Day moment is the right moment for us to make a better contribution to the people of Yogyakarta,” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

The commemoration of World Cancer Day was held with the intention of reminding the public to be aware of the importance of maintaining health. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), cancer is the leading cause of death in the world, and the burden of this disease is increasing. By 2021, WHO estimates that 20 million people will be diagnosed with cancer and 10 million will die from cancer.

“As a community that cares about a sustainable healthy lifestyle, we are very pleased to be invited to work with Re.juve to hold a community fun run event like this. This activity is a breakthrough for the community to be more aware of the importance of being wise in choosing food and drink intake for the health of our bodies. Especially for those of us who are active, it is now even more helpful in fulfilling proper and practical nutrition in supporting our activities and hobbies,” said Robertus Indra, Chairman of Indo Runners Yogyakarta.

To complement this community fun run, Re.juve also held a health talk entitled “Standing Together to #LiveHappier” with dr. Noviani, SpGK, clinical nutrition specialist and Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve. The talkshow outlined the importance of carefully choosing the right nutritional intake in helping prevent cancer risk. “A lot of the content of antioxidants, vitamin C, and beta-carotene comes from fruits and vegetables. Studies show that people who regularly eat fruits and vegetables have a lower risk of cancer. The phytochemicals contained in it can protect cells from harmful compounds in food and the environment, as well as prevent cell damage and mutation,” said dr. Noviani, SpGK.

“Through this activity and our second store expansion in Yogyakarta, we hope that more and more consumers will care and be wiser in choosing good food and drink intake to prevent diseases such as cancer. Of course we will continue to carry out activities like this, both in Yogyakarta and other cities in Indonesia so that more and more people are exposed to a more balanced lifestyle through healthy food and drink, and active exercise,” concluded Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re .juve.