Re.juve & Swiss German University (SGU) Collaboration for a Healthier Indonesia

Re.juve & Swiss German University (SGU) Collaboration for a Healthier Indonesia

PT Sewu Segar Primatama through the trademark Re.juve which is the leader and pioneer of ultrapremium True Cold-Pressed Juice in Indonesia, signed a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with Swiss German University (SGU) last Tuesday (8/11).

The signing of the MoU was held in conjunction with the “Food Industry & Technology Festival 2022” which is located at the SGU Alam Sutera campus, Tangerang. On this occasion, Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve was invited to give a public lecture to students on the topic “Clean Label & HPP Processing”.

With a aligned vision between Re.juve and SGU to contribute to the development of technology and the Indonesian food industry, this MoU is the spearhead of collaborative activities in the fields of education and research in order to have a positive impact on a healthier Indonesian society.

The agreed forms of cooperation include research on food waste management, the Clean Label movement, understanding and introduction of the latest technology and automation in the food industry to provide the best food and beverage products for the people of Indonesia.

“In producing True Cold-Pressed Juice, Re.juve applies the Clean Label principle to guarantee the best quality food products from natural ingredients honestly, without any hidden ingredients. In addition, the production process is maximized by using High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, namely high pressure technology reaching 6,000 bar using cold water as the medium.

to deactivate microorganisms in fresh food and beverage products without changing the taste, aroma, or nutrition, while extending the product’s shelf life,” said Richard Anthony, CEO and President Director of Re.juve.

“SGU encourages collaboration with industry partners such as Re.juve for lecturer and student activities that provide real-life learning experiences for students so that they have a broad impact on society,” said Dr. err. nat Filiana Santoso, Chancellor of SGU.

Dr. Irvan Setiadi Kartawiria, S.T., M.Sc., SGU Deputy Chancellor for Academic Affairs added, “There are similarities between Re.juve and SGU where both aim to create or produce the highest quality products, of course with the help of technology. This makes signing the MoU with Re.juve very relevant and important for SGU students.”

“With the collaboration between Re.juve and SGU, it is hoped that these prospective engineers and future leaders can understand and be inspired in implementing the best technology in the future. Because we believe that a healthy society will create a healthy country,” concluded Richard.