SD Xaverius Terbanggi Besar Holds Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Activities

SD Xaverius Terbanggi Besar Holds Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Activities

Great Giant Foods (GGF) target school, Xaverius Elementary School (SD) held a Karya Bhinneka Tunggal Ika activity entitled ‘Rainbow Culture of the Archipelago’. The activity took place in the school environment followed by the ranks of Uspika Terbanggi Besar, School Supervisors, GGF Management Representatives, parents, and students, Saturday (11/3).

Bhinneka Tunggal Ika Work activities are filled with various art performance activities, exhibitions of student works and free culinary with the concept of ‘People’s Party’. The event was lively and very educational about the cultural diversity in the country.

The event is part of the implementation of the independent curriculum which provides flexibility for educators to create quality learning that suits the needs and learning environment.

“The independent curriculum is a window into how this curriculum is a method to better understand a lesson, what is learned, and the results to be achieved. With literacy to students, it is hoped that it will produce future leaders who are insightful, humanist, honest, intelligent, disciplined and serving,” said Principal of SD Xaverius Martha Endang Krismiati in his speech.

On his occasion, Sujarwo as the School Supervisor in Terbanggi Besar District, emphasized the importance of education and the implementation of an independent curriculum. Where according to him, currently education still needs improvement so that it is more advanced not constrained by a rule.
“With independent schools, there will be the emergence of schools with character and insight into Pancasila and Berbhineka Tunggal Ika,” he said.
In line with what was conveyed, Father Sutrisno as Chairman of the Xaverius Foundation urged teachers to do something that refers to character education in the form of making books and character jingles.

Nengah Aryata, representing GGF, reminded that schools really need a role and synergize with various parties for acceleration and progress, including parents, communities, and other institutions or institutions so that many parties can feel comprehensive improvement and progress.
“On behalf of the Management, I would like to thank the teachers and education managers of Xaverius who have shown the trust given by the company to create more advanced and characterful education programs. The company always provides support for school programs for the better future,” concluded Nengah.