Sunpride 28 Years of Sharing for the Country

Sunpride 28 Years of Sharing for the Country

PT Sewu Segar Nusantara (PT SSN), which is known for its Sunpride brand and will commemorate its 28th anniversary on December 7, has achieved a number of proud achievements and accomplishments. In commemoration of this anniversary moment, Sunpride is again holding a series of meaningful activities as a form of service to the country. With a collaborative spirit, Sunpride carries the theme “Sharing Energy for the Country” and carries out sustainable activities that have a positive impact on the entire community in Madura Village, Wanareja District, Cilacap Regency (2/12).

The activity began with an initiative to improve the welfare of farmers, namely by conducting free medical check-ups for local farmers. Apart from being a form of attention to the physical welfare of farmers, this inspection is also a preventive strategy to maintain agricultural productivity which is a pillar of the local economy.

CEO of PT SSN, Cindyanto Kristian, said “Sunpride, one of the flagship brands of the Great Giant Foods (GGF) umbrella brand business unit, is celebrating the historic moment of its 28th anniversary with enthusiasm. We believe that the success achieved is not only ours, but a responsibility to give back to the community, especially in Cilacap Regency. We have designed a series of activities as an opportunity to shape a better future together.”

Sunpride will carry out social activities by distributing agricultural equipment, such as tractors and spray equipment. Apart from that, Sunpride will also make a positive contribution through the LOB (Liquid Organic Biofertilizer) Liquid Biofertilizer distribution program distributed by PT Inbio Tani Nusantara (ITN). This demo plot aims to be a forum for various technologies regarding organic, sustainable and environmentally friendly farming, with LOB having the function of increasing crop yields, reducing the use of chemical fertilizers, and improving soil conditions.

Apart from the agricultural sector, Sunpride also focuses on the importance of education by organizing free school bag distribution activities to 500 elementary school, Islamic boarding school and PAUD students in Madura Village, Wanareja District, Cilacap Regency. Sunpride believes that investment in education is a long-term step to shape a better future, in line with the commitment to positive nutrition that has been provided for 28 years.

“Sunpride is committed to continuing to be an agent of positive change for the entire country. We express our gratitude to all parties who have supported Sunpride’s journey over the past 28 years. “Let’s create a brighter and more sustainable future for Indonesia,” concluded Cindyanto.