Sunpride Awarded Omni Brands Of The Year 2020 by Marketeers

Sunpride Awarded Omni Brands Of The Year 2020 by Marketeers

Located at Hermawan Kertajaya Town Hall, 88 Office Tower Jakarta (10/09), Sunpride won the Marketeers Omni Brands of the Year 2020 award. Sunpride’s success stems from our success in optimizing technology and communicating it through an omnichannel through a campaign that guarantees quality consumers. The award was given directly by Hermawan Kertajaya, as Founder & Chairman of MarkPlus, Inc. to representatives from Sunpride, CEO of PT Sewu Segar Nusantara, Cindyanto Kristian. This award complements Sunpride’s achievements which previously won the award for “Best Branded Fruit” from the Indonesia Original Brand (IOB) in July 2020.

In a pandemic era like today, it is a must for a brand to make technology a solution. Companies are also using online and offline approaches to exist and survive during uncertain conditions. The OMNI strategy that Sunpride applies is not only used at the marketing level, but also as a communication strategy to promote the Sunpride brand as a fruit brand that has G.A.P. or Good Agricultural Practices. International certification that ensures Cavendish Banana, Guava Crystal, and Honi Pineapple from the PT Great Giant Pineapple (GGP) plantation is safe for consumption. Due to G.A.P. regulates 4 (four) main points, namely: Food safety, Eco-friendly, Safety & welfare, and Traceability. So that the fruit produced is safe for consumption and guaranteed quality.

Through the OMNI strategy, Sunpride also builds closeness with consumers. Sunpride is increasingly taking advantage of digital channels and creating relevant creative content on social media. Offline, Sunpride also held in-store activations to campaign for customer protection through its G.A.P certification.

“Thank you to Marketeers who have trusted us as a brand that has succeeded in optimizing technology to strengthen our brand identity. And most importantly, through this award, we hope that we can maintain consumer trust by serving quality fruits that are safe for consumption” concluded Cindyanto.