Green Practices

At GGF, we have developed a waste management system that is not only efficient but contributes to the improvement of product quality. An important achievement we have made is in the producing of ‘zero waste’ products. Solid and liquid waste created by our upstream as well as downstream businesses are recycled into other useful materials such as for cattle feed or to produce bromelain enzymes, an important component of organic fertilizers.

By implementing green practices throughout the supply chain, we have reduced our fossil fuel usage by 30%, decreased the use of inorganic fertilizers by 40%, and increased the yield of our products by 50%.

Sustainability Programs

Our sustainability program includes the following initiatives:

Recycling Pineapple By-Products

Pineapple cultivation results in approximately 160 tons of by-products per hectare which we use as cattle feed. This has resulted in the establishment of a cattle feedlot, which now holds some 25,000 head of cattle, producing 325 tons of manure per day which is also used as a component for fertilizers used in our plantations.

Greening the Soil

Through the installation of a Liquid Organic Biofertilizer system, we can produce organic fertilizer for our plantations. The bio-fertilizer consists of microorganisms that enables crops to better uptake nutrients and microbes from the soil.

Minimizing Soil Erosion

We have planted a bamboo conservatory on our plantations which now boasts some 160 species. This assists in minimizing soil erosion and contributes to the reduction of our carbon footprint as bamboo can absorb 35% more carbon dioxide and releases 35% more oxygen into the atmosphere than any other equivalent hardwood tree.

Reusing Wastewater to Create Energy

The wastewater we produce is used as the raw material for our biogas plant which, in turn, produces methane to power our factory.

Utilizing Pineapple Stems

Pineapple stems contain an enzyme called Bromelain which offers many applications in the food and pharmaceutical industries. We use the enzyme as a component of our organic fertilizer.