The Staff of the Minister of Agriculture and the Quarantine Center Give Appreciation to PT GGP

The Staff of the Minister of Agriculture and the Quarantine Center Give Appreciation to PT GGP

Special Staff of the Minister of Agriculture for Agricultural Development Communication Ery Tamalagi together with the Head of the Lampung Agricultural Quarantine Center Donni Muksudayan paid a working visit to PT Great Giant Pineapple (PT GGP), Friday (3/2).

Group guests arrived at the world’s largest pineapple processing company and were received at the Library room of the Training Center Building. Ery Tamalagi and his entourage were introduced to GGF through a short video showing the company’s profile.

The Special Staff of the Minister of Agriculture and the Quarantine team were warmly received by Technical Advisor for Plantation and R&D Fauzan, Banana Senior Manager Aris Wahyudi, and Crop Development Manager Margo Tri Laksono as well as accompanying the inspection of the Banana Packing House and pineapple plantation in the Plantation Group 1 (PG1) area.

Ery Tamalagi, said that in the history of the establishment of the Republic of Indonesia, in 2022 the export value will be the highest and in 2023 we are targeting it again because there have been three export movements and GGF is part of it.

“The Ministry of Agriculture must thank PT GGP for the countless legacies that have been left behind. Apart from being a part of the company’s contribution to increasing Indonesia’s exports, so far the company has also shared shares with farmers through a partnership program,” he said.

The Ministry of Agriculture has the task of designing how agricultural policies can generate benefits for society. PT GGP’s partnership with farmers has been extraordinary. Not just a business but also animate many people, he continued.

“Agriculture is always developing, PT Great Giant Pineapple has done Forward, Independent and Modern as the motto of the Ministry of Agriculture. This has been implemented correctly here. Agriculture cannot work alone. Of course the company’s collaboration with Quarantine friends is clear, so they can export quickly,” said Ery.

One of the things that is also a source of pride and a superior program that is gaining popularity is creating shared value (CSV) where the company’s success wants to be transmitted to partner farmers. Partnerships in Tanggamus Regency, Lampung, more than 100 farmers have partnered with PT GGP to develop Mas bananas and in other provinces such as Bali, East Java, West Java and Aceh.

No less important is the cassava plant. Even though currently it is no longer the main producer of cassava, the company still releases superior types of cassava from the results of the company’s R&D research. “This year we are in the process of releasing cassava which can be harvested after 7 months of planting. Even though it’s young, the starch content is quite good,” concluded Fauzan.