Using the CSV Concept, Great Giant Foods will expand to Bali, Aceh, and North Sumatra

Using the CSV Concept, Great Giant Foods will expand to Bali, Aceh, and North Sumatra

The Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) program is a form of corporate concern for the community with the aim of sustainable development. However, it is different from the food and beverage business of the Gunung Sewu Group, Great Giant Foods (GGF) is carrying out sustainable integration which not only turns CSR into philanthropy or grants but can help independent communities with partnership patterns. This was conveyed by GGF’s Junior Manager Sustainability, Gilang M Nughara in a webinar with the theme “GGF Building Community Socio-Economics through the Corporate Partnership Program”, Wednesday (12/08/2020).

“We want to produce products that are healthy for the community as well as being committed to being responsible for ensuring the welfare of employees and also for the surrounding community. In partnerships in the economic sector, we involve local communities to actively participate in making processed products such as banana cakes, banana chips, pineapple jam, wajik, and dodol using under special banana products of 8,000 kg/month with an increase in community income by 300% for 41 beneficiaries, “Concluded Gilang.

Gilang added that another partnership program is in the health sector, to fight for and internalize the GGF 2020 vision, which is to nourish people’s lives with quality food that is produced sustainably and innovatively. GGF launched Great Indonesia to align efforts to feed and enrich people’s lives and livelihoods. This community-based program aims to intervene in nutrition in the community as an accelerator for preventing stunting and obesity.

“In this program, GGF has reached 700 children to provide healthy breakfast, provide outreach to 2,100 mothers about nutrition, and coach 200 households to implement vegetable gardens in their yards. Also, there is the Great Giant Livestock (GGL) which helps empower farmers to maintain food security and improve farmers’ livelihoods. This program has reached more than 400 local farmers and increased gradually over the years to help local farmers become better, “said Gilang.

Furthermore, Head of Local Sourcing Sewu Segar Nusantara, Vera Monika also explained the benefits for both local farmers and GGF itself. According to him, the partnership pattern carries the concept of Creating Shared Value (CSV) while farmers receive guidance in the field of fruit plantations, can have access to global markets, and be linked with profitable partners (banks, governments, etc.). The company itself can secure local supplies, establish long-term relationships with farmers, and meet national and international market demands.

“We see that local farmers are still limited in their ability, market, and limited funding. Therefore, GGF can help problems in the field, from guiding harvesting, helping to sell cultivation products, and helping farmers get bank financing. We hope that local farmers can increase business opportunities by expanding their marketing to the international arena. In the future, we will also expand to the areas of Bali, Aceh, and North Sumatra” said Monika.

This is felt by one of GGL’s Cow Swadana CSV partners, Sarjono, who revealed that this program can create mutually beneficial businesses, which can increase farmer’s income while creating jobs in the region.

“I am grateful to Great Giant Livestock for providing knowledge and expertise in sustainable cattle farming. We hope together, God willing, will create harmony as a form of devotion to our beloved country” concluded Sarjono.