Vice Minister of Agriculture Attends Socialization and IVA Test Activities at PT GGP

Vice Minister of Agriculture Attends Socialization and IVA Test Activities at PT GGP

The wife of the Deputy Minister of Manpower of the Republic of Indonesia Lin Nurhayati Afriansyah Noor attended the socialization of Tuberculosis (TB) and cervical cancer early detection tests through Acetic Acid Visual Inspection (IVA) examination to female workers of PT Great Giant Pineapple (GGP), Terbanggibesar, Central Lampung, which took place at the local company’s Women’s Camp Hall, Tuesday (7/3).

Lin Nurhayati Afriansyah Noor, attended with Director of K3 Testing Development Muhamad Idham, accompanied by Director of External Affairs GGP Welly Soegiono, Corporate Communication of PT GGP Indra Ardiyanto, and at the same time followed the course of IVA discussion and socialization activities with speakers from the Central Lampung Regency Health Office dr. Dian Mariasari.

The Women’s Workforce Health Improvement Program in the Prevention and Early Detection of Uterine Cancer in Indonesian Women with Visual Inspection of Acetic Acid was held in strategic collaboration with PT Great Giant Pineapple with the OASE of the Advanced Indonesia Cabinet (KIM) which is very concerned with education and health issues which will take place from 7 to 9 March 2023.

IVA socialization and examination was attended by 500 female workers in the Factory environment by involving medical personnel from the Lampung Provincial Health Office and Central Lampung Regency.

“Today we conducted a direct review of the implementation of IVA Test on female workers at Great Giant Pineapple where this examination is one of the national programs that has been going on for several years and collaborates with OASE KIM in order to improve the health of the workforce,” said Lin Nurhayati Afriansyah Noor.

Lin Nurhayati, emphasized that this examination is a priority for female workers, especially married ones, to be protected and free of cervical cancer. They must be given an understanding of how to live a healthy lifestyle, how to prevent cervical cancer from being suffered by workers, especially female workers so that they can work more productively and sustainably.

“People if healthy productivity will certainly increase or vice versa if working in unhealthy conditions productivity will certainly decrease. This is one of the duties of the Ministry of Manpower in the context of labor protection,” said Wamennaker further.

Muhamad Idham, expressed his gratitude for the support of all parties, especially PT GGP who have worked together for the success of this event. The hope is that more companies and workers will be ‘aware’ of the implementation of K3.

“Regular health checks will be better to reduce work accidents and occupational diseases at the lowest point so that the quality of labor protection.