GGF “Great Value”, To be A Great Team to Achieve Great Target

GGF “Great Value”, To be A Great Team to Achieve Great Target

The management of great giant foods (GGF) has defined a great value GGF with five important points: governance, excellence, excellence, agile, and teamwork. The five points are a basic attitude that should be applied to employees of the great giant foods at work. If the five points were well executed, it would be very easy for the company to reach targets in the future.

Head of processed pine plantation director imanudin on the general meeting plantation says “without value, one would be nothing. Therefore, I invite all employees to equate this perception of how the great value is the capital for achieving operational goals and goals.”

Great value GGF was a base in achieving the operational target plantation. The first value is governance. The value of governance is the earliest because it is the most fundamental value associated with integrity and ethics. GGF is great because it is built with mutual and trust, so all employees must also feel together and hold trust.

The second score is undeniable or reliable. Plantation needs to be reliable to produce the best quality products for consumers. Provide services to the factory as a follow-up process with the plant to cover the specification standard.

The next value is excellence, which is the plantation should have a process that is getting better from time to time. To achieve that value, there must be continuous improvement to work on the plantation. The focus on the plantation should be on the process first after it is focused on the results. In focus on the process, continuous improvement requires effort, and that results in a minimized failure during production.

The fourth value is agile, which means responsive and adaptive to every challenge or change. Plantation as part of a company that produces fruit, must be involved in company policy in response to changes or challenges that take place. Changes and challenges may come from changes in consumer behavior, competitors, government regulation, and technological development.

As a result, teamwork and teamwork work together as well as teamwork and teamwork. In the performance of each operation, the whole section must support each other to achieve a common goal. Teamwork will go a long way toward satisfying production.