GGF’s #PetaniIndonesiaBisa Campaign Encourages Local Farmers and Breeders to Get Well Soon and Rise Up.

GGF’s #PetaniIndonesiaBisa Campaign Encourages Local Farmers and Breeders to Get Well Soon and Rise Up.

Launching the #PetaniIndonesia Bisa campaign, Great Giant Foods (GGF) wants to use the momentum of Indonesia’s 77th Independence Day with the theme Recover Faster & Rise Stronger, to invite the Indonesian people to give back their support, in the form of donations, to local farmers & breeders.

Facing the COVID-19 pandemic, Indonesian people are tough to maintain their health by consuming sufficient nutrition from fruits and milk. Every day, these products come from farmers & breeders in Indonesia who work hard to provide the best for society.

Head of FMCG GGF Eva Arisuci Rudjito said, “GGF provides ongoing support to farmers who have been part of our business chain. GGF believes that the welfare of farmers will have a positive impact on a sustainable business.”

“As a concern and business continuity, GGF is also collaborating with the Women Farmer Community (KWT) from Central Lampung through the #PetaniIndonesia Bisa program which will be held from 15 August to 30 September 2022 in the future.” she said.

In this campaign program, GGF provides a special product sales package through the “GGF Mart” e-commerce platform, and every consumer who purchases this package will automatically participate in making a donation of IDR 5,000 (Five Thousand Rupiah) which will be donated to KWT .

In addition, GGF actively invites consumers to participate in encouraging Indonesian farmers through activities such as the twibbon challenge on its social media channels.

Project Manager for the #PetaniIndonesia Bisa campaign, Bayu Satria added, “GGF also wants to invite all its loyal consumers to actively provide real support to farmers who have been struggling to provide quality food and the best variety of fruits for Indonesian families. Especially in the post-pandemic recovery conditions like now.”

All donations collected will later be used to develop KWT Central Lampung and support its various program activities, such as: Drilling wells to support irrigation activities in the yards of Central Lampung KWT members and making nursery houses for plant nurseries for KWT members Central Lampung .