Re.juve is ISO 22000:2018 Certified

Re.juve is ISO 22000:2018 Certified

PT Sewu Segar Primatama, through the Re.juve trademark, continues to prioritize food safety, which is now increasingly proven by its achievement as the first True Cold Pressed company to be ISO 22000:2018 certified in Indonesia.

ISO 22000:2018 is an international standard that specifies requirements for food safety management systems. This certificate provides assurance that a company has implemented an effective system for identifying, measuring and controlling food risks in its production process. By having an ISO 22000:2018 certificate, it is an important step in providing assurance that a product is safe for consumption.
Since its founding in 2014, Re.juve has realized that food safety is an important factor that must be maintained in producing quality True Cold-Pressed Juice. Based on information from the World Health Organization (WHO), as many as 70% of cases of food poisoning and diarrhea are caused by bacterial and viral contamination. For this reason, Re.juve always maintains the cleanliness and sanitation of the production area.

“In the midst of the proliferation of cold-pressed juice brands emerging, of course consumers need to know which products are truly safe for consumption. Moreover, fresh products such as cold-pressed drinks require special attention in the production to distribution process, and we are proud that towards Re.juve’s 10th year, we have been able to obtain ISO 22000:2018 certification for True Cold-Pressed facilities which shows our commitment to maintain product quality and safety for the Indonesian people,” explained Richard Anthony, CEO & President Director of Re.juve.

More than that, Re.juve processes all beverage products at the True Cold-Pressed Facility (CPF) Production Center which is integrated with High Pressure Processing (HPP) technology, namely high pressure technology reaching 6,000 bar or the equivalent of 60 km below sea level. uses cold water to deactivate dangerous microorganisms in fresh food and beverage products, making them much safer to consume without changing the taste, aroma or nutrients in them. This technology also helps in extending the shelf life of Re.juve products.

ISO 22000:2018 certification ensures that Re.juve is monitored by strict procedures to maintain the cleanliness of equipment, production rooms and all staff who handle the production process. This certainly helps prevent cross contamination and ensures that Re.juve products are always safe in the hands of consumers.