GGF’s Local sourcing banana farmer, have a dialog with Minister of Economic Coordinator

GGF’s Local sourcing banana farmer, have a dialog with Minister of Economic Coordinator

Minister of Economic Coordinator Darmin Nasution have a visitation to Great Giant Foods (GGF), Lampung Tengah, Lampung, Friday (26/7/19). In his visitation, Mnister Nasution have a conversation with our local growers who have partnership with GGF’s local sourcing for Lady finger banana from Tanggamus Regency.

The farmers are partnering with GGF, the largest producer and exporter of pineapple and banana in Indonesia. From direct dialogue with farmers, it was revealed that the partnership pattern of farmers and companies brought significant changes to the economic life of the farmers.

The event took place at the GGF Training Center building. The Menko delegation was welcomed by Commissioner GGF Setiawan Achmad, Managing Director of GGF Wayan Ardana, Managing Director of PT GGL Dayu Ariasintawati, Government Relations and External Affair Director Welly Soegiono and several senior managers.

“We came here to listen to what good agriculture cultivation practices are so that other regions can imitate the success of the gentlemen,” said Coordinating Minister Darmin to start the conversation.

Responding to complaints about fertilizer problems from farmers, Coordinating Minister Darmin also explained that the government was also concerned about fertilizer issues. “We are looking for ways to overcome the fertilizer problem so that it is not too expensive for farmers. While the development of organic fertilizer must also be improved, especially from the utilization of waste, “he said.

Darmin also underlined that Tanggamus farmers do not need to worry if other regions seek similar things. The reason is, Indonesia still needs to boost exports to cover the trade balance deficit.

“No need to worry about competing with other regions because the market is still very large. We must increase exports. We don’t want a prolonged deficit, “Darmin said convincing Tanggamus farmers.

“The process of learning from traditional farmers to become modern farmers takes time and is not easy. However, from year to year we are always accompanied and nurtured by the company, ”said the Chairperson of the Cooperative of Tani HIjau Makmur Tanggamus M. Nur Soleh.

The company developed the e-Grower application system, which serves to facilitate communication between companies with cooperatives, farmer groups, and farmers who are members of the collaboration through field supervisors.

Coordinating Minister Darmin Nasution appreciated the partnership pattern built by GGF and farmers. In the future, the government wants to boost infrastructure development and village logistics. “Farmers will indeed be more prosperous if there are those who teach good cultivation and there are those who buy at clear prices. We also want good logistics from the village and the collecting market, “Darmin explained.

The ladyfinger farmer group in Tanggamus also became the first farmer group in Indonesia to receive the benefits of a bonded area subcontracting facility provided by the Ministry of Finance’s Directorate General of Customs and Excise, he continued.

At first, Tanggamus was a coffee plantation area. However, farmers in this district have switched to planting bananas because they are able to provide better yields and prices.

“It used to be a coffee base, but farmers need money. If the coffee has to wait 12 months, it can get around 20 million to 1 ha per year. While we get income per week from bananas. “On average, 3/4 ha the bus produces a minimum of 1.4 million per week,” said Soleh.

Soleh explained, at the beginning farmers were asked to plant banana mas, with assistance from GGF, starting from the supply of seeds and fertilizers, planting methods, pest and disease control, harvesting, to packaging with the help of technology.

“We were also trained to be able to export from our own homes. The quality of our plants has been export quality, has been to Singapore, China, and others. Thankfully our economic life is improving and can deliver children to scholars, “said Budi Santoso, one of the leaders of the Arjuna farmer group, in charge of a 26 hectare banana garden.

They were also taught to sort the harvest according to the standards of each one from grade A to D. In fact, there was also competition to win the best crop winners so they could encourage farmers.

Manager In Charge Sales and Marketing Great Giant Foods (GGF) Josef Lay said, China prefers bananas from Lampung compared to bananas from Ecuador which have been filling the country’s market.

According to him, the partnership between farmers and companies is mutually beneficial to both parties. This collaboration provides certainty to the needs of the factory and increases the income and welfare of farmers.

“We indeed only produce standard export bananas for the international market. “The banana produced by Tanggamus farmers has been exported to Singapore and China, especially Shanghai,” concluded Josef Lay.

In addition to discussing with banana farmers, during this working visit to Lampung, the Coordinating Minister for Economy also visited the canned pineapple factory, Jambu Packing House, and the GGF Cattle fattening business.